Health & Education is the foundation for all we do in life, it shapes who we are and what we aspire to be. Creativity fuels innovation that has the power to change the world, at BoomNBuzz we are bringing ideas to life which impacts the lives of the people across the globe and also a catalyst to create employment, boost income and provide self-reliant solutions for communities.

BoomNBuzz is a Technology company developing affordable solution for BOP (Bottom of Pyramid). Our endeavor is to create a Virtual Health ecosystem moving healthcare outside the hospital walls. For the prevalent social problems which impact lives of millions across the globe, we develop innovative & affordable technology solutions to achieve the below UN Sustainability


To develop innovative & affordable technology solutions for the prevalent social problems which impacts the lives of the people across the globe


We will impact & empower 202,000 people by 2022 and contribute to UN Sustainable Development Goals


A portable, renewable-energy powered, healthcare ecosystem that creates digital popup health centers in the middle of nowhere without the need for grid electricity, internet or expensive infrastructure.

मेरा Checkup

MeraCheckup is a technology-enabled platform which provides access to low-cost Health assessment, Diagnosis, Health monitoring. Power by CozBoz Ecosystem.

CYBER खतरा

Cybersecurity has taken centre stage, Kids are living in a digitally connected world which has brought great benefits but also major security concern.



Small learning at a time increasing knowledge retention using Bite sized content.

Attention Grabbing

Interactive content (images, audio, video, gifs & quizz) engage teachers and students easily.

Works On/Offline

Our solution even works in offline & automomous mode. Upload data & results to the cloud when connected to internet.


Our learning philosophy is not one-size-fits-all our system is adaptive to user milestones and learning abilities.


Real-time progress and completion of individuals and groups can be tracked for learning outcomes.

Easy UI

Human-centric design for easy use & multilingual support for native languages.

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Access Problem

Access to affordable healthcare is a major challenge faced by almost 70% of the population in India. Education being the other. Health and Education go hand in hand in a developing economy like India.

Shortage Problem

There is an acute deficit of Doctors in the remote & rural parts of the globe. n India, there is one government doctor for every 10,189 people (the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends a ratio of 1:1,000), or a deficit of 600,000 doctors.

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